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The EchoValve Kit is the perfect solution for automatic pool filling. This advanced kit utilizes ultrasonic technology to detect low water levels in your pool and then controls an integrated electronic water valve to fill according to your preferences. It is easy to install out of sight, net to the pump on the suction line. With the EchoValve Kit, you can enjoy a hassle-free pool experience and never worry about manually filling your pool again.

EchoValve Kit

SKU: 100289
    • (1) EchoValve (sensor module with integrated water valve)
    • (1) 120VAC to 24VDC 25W Power Supply
    • (2) Stainless Steel Mount Feet (Floor Mount)
    • (2)  1 1/2" NPT - 1 1/2" Barb Fittings (Floor Mount)
    • (1) 1 1/2" NPT - 1 1/2" NPT Pipe Nipple (Pump Mount)
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